When Should A Child Start Daycare & its Benefits?

When a couple has a young child, daycare and preschool come into play faster than they might expect. But what’s the right age to start a child daycare? Well, the decision depends on many factors: partner’s ability to take leave; the length of parental leave; their financial responsibilities; and whether they have other childcare options […]

7 Things to Do Before Opening a Hair Salon

When it comes to owning a business, the beauty industry generates approximately $60 billion annually, with hair care makes up to 24% of the revenue. Also, this industry often remains unaffected during economic recessions. So, if someone is looking for a steady, profitable business (initially with less investment), a hair salon is a pretty safe bet. But before […]

5 Most Important Financial Projections for Startups

Alongside accounting basics, an important part of business planning includes the preparation of financial projections to predict the outcome of an organization’s future income and expenses. This section will show potential investors about how a startup company will operate in its first few years.  How are financial projections prepared in a business plan? “A business plan […]

7 Smart Tips to Open a Successful Coffee Shop

With 100 million coffee drinkers in the United States alone, it’s no wonder the industry is booming. Serving quality coffees with delicious snacks in a relaxing and trendy atmosphere is the idea pioneered by Starbucks–––a hugely successful business model. Thinking to start a coffee shop by making the best use of entrepreneurial spirit? Follow this guide to […]

7 Restaurant Soft Opening Ideas for Entrepreneurs

After months of meticulous planning and uncountable hours of hard work, it’s now time to open a restaurant finally. The quickest way to solidify the presence of a new restaurant is by holding its soft opening event. The most challenging part is coming up with simple yet effective ideas an entrepreneur can follow to set […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Launch a Successful Beauty Salon Business

A beauty salon — sounds like a girl’s dream. No doubt, the field of beauty is an attractive (ahem) business! A person can turn a handy profit from this business if run smartly. From licensing and health inspections to financing, equipment, accounting, and marketing activities, there’s a lot to consider. Looking for a guide? In this article, we have to break down some […]

The Importance of Having a Nail Salon Business Plan

A nail salon provides pedicures, manicures, and other treatments (to repair broken or damaged nails) to make customers’ nails look great. Opening a nail salon is the perfect business idea if planned well from the very beginning. But how will a salon owner know that his or her business will be financially viable and work […]

5 Essential Steps to Start a Juice bar Business

Yep, to be healthy all year round what could be better than a glass of freshly squeezed juice? That’s where the Juice bar business comes in and continues to grow and thrive. This industry has grown to annual revenues of approx $5 billion. And, getting bigger at a steady rate of 4%-8% every year. Isn’t […]

Pros and Cons of starting a Home Daycare Business

So, you took full advantage of motherhood by spending time with your little one. You are taking care of your baby and fulfilling his various needs. But if you’re a working mother, this favorable period may end soon. You may have to return back to your work. The very idea of leaving behind your baby […]