Hotel is a commercial establishment that provides paid lodging, meal, and other guest services on a short term basis. The primary purpose of this industry is to provide shelter, food, refreshment and comforts to travelers. Hotels are also taken on for many other purposes such as business exchange, decorative showcases, deliberation, political headquarters, vacation spot and centers of sociability. Hotel development also includes a variety of hotel types.
Resort Hotel: Designed to provide lodgings rising tide of tourists and usually located on the mountain and island.
Commercial Hotel: It is simply furnished and less expensive service for the growing rank of growing sales associates, business travelers, and many tour group.
Residential Hotel: Designed to fulfill the housing needs of families who are unable to afford private houses in the residential real estate market of NYC.
Casino Hotel: Designed to serve with luxurious facilities, food and beverage included gambling facilities in Los Angeles or California.
Homestays: These are houses consisting of 1 to 10 guest rooms converted into overnight facilities and owners stay in their premises and responsible for serving breakfast to the guests.
There are also many other hotels. Internationally, this industry deals with 5,000 overseas hotels which are consist of over half a million rooms. The hotels of the United States fetched more than $100 billion per year in revenues.

Hotel Industry Trends

The hotel industry is robust faster than ever before, it continues to grow, and the consumer love traveling more than ever. The entrepreneurs of the hotel industry mainly focus on:
● How quickly are advancements progressing?
● What new technology should be taken over?
● How are peoples adapting the way they travel?
Next five to10 years may bring modifications in hotel marketing and hotel technology, but the core values of the hotel industry will remain the same in the US or global market.
It is the fastest growing industry, travel and tourism have helped to ensure that it is continually thrilling. Travel and Tourism are the most significant contributor to the growth of this industry, bookings in the travel and tourism industry hit almost $1.6 trillion in 2017.

Statistics and Analysis of the Hotel business

There are more than 700,000 hotels and resorts around the globe and travelers spend approximately $830 billion per year for hotel stays in which 41% of travelers are booking rooms for a business trip. US industry is projected to exceed earlier forecast and endure on its record-breaking performance.

Tourism Economics

Advancement in technology completely reshaped the way that hotel industry operates in Texas. Quality customer experience is gold for the progress of the hotel industry because it helps to drive business activity in the hotel. Annual revenue gains for US hotels per available room are estimated to range from 0.8% to 2.5% from 2018.
The statistic given below shows annual growth in average global hotel rates from 2010 to 2018. Global hotel rates were predicted to increase by 3.7 % in 2018.

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Why startup Hotel business requires a business plan?

A comprehensive and simple business plan is essential for the feasibility and success of your business because it is a written description of your business future. It helps the entrepreneur in seeking funds and support to start a new venture in Michigan or Virginia. Here are some benefits of a business plan that will ensure you why it is necessary for your startup business.
See the Whole Business Plan
A business plan is a fundamental tool that connects the dots between strategy and tactics so that you can get a clear picture of your whole business of any area of the United States of America.
Strategic Focus
A startup business needs to focus on its unique identity, target market, and their services in New York City or elsewhere in the United States.

Set Priorities
A business plan not only helps you to keep track of the right and necessary things but also allocate your time, efforts and resources strategically.
Manage Change
A proper business planning will help you to review and track your business assumptions and progress. It will help you to catch new development and allowing you to adjust accordingly.
Develop Accountability
It will help you to set your expectation and make you able to track your result. It is the normal review road map that will tell what you expected and what`s happened.

How could We Help your Hotel?

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