Market Research

About Market Research

MavenBizPlans is a leading business plan writing and market research firm that helps you to maintain competitiveness over your competitors. We are a team of qualitative market research and precise data collection specialists. Our research helps you to reveal the critical aspects of your competitor products or services, market strategies, and target audience, to reduce the risk and to make the market research cost-effective for your business.

Market Research

B2B Market Research

MavenBizPlans is a leading and experienced market research firm. Business to business or B2B transaction is the process of selling one company products or services to another company.B2B market exceeding the size of the consumer market. Business to business market research is different from business to consumer research in significant ways. Our B2B market research uncovers insights into your marketplace by surveying a representative sample of its participants, i.e. existing customers, former customers, prospective buyers, and influencers. B2B market research requires a distinctive approach.
B2B Market Research helps companies to:

  • Describe their markets

  • Measure the current needs of customers

  • Fortify their competitive advantages

  • Determine whether or not there is a viable market for the goods and services

  • Make better business decisions

  • Gain competitive intelligence

  • Brings new opportunities

  • Enable the company to refine their offerings


Types of Market Research

Every business requires market research to be successful. There are two types of market research.

Primary Market Research

Primary Market Research is valuable and tailored according to particular company requirements. Focus group, surveys and questionnaire, trial and experimentation, and in-depth interviews are standard techniques of primary research. Data is collected through focus groups or surveys, and the information is explicitly interpreted for your current objectives.

Secondary Market Research

Secondary Market Research is mainly based on a collection of raw data from internal source (balance sheet, Profit & loss statement, inventory record etc.) & external sources (Journals & Magazine, Trade associations, industry & market data, Company & competitor information etc.) then analyze it to come to conclusion or understanding of the market or its trends. It helps you to decide whether or not you need primary market research. It is time-saving and cost-effective research. Data is collected online at government or industrial websites, local libraries, through a business website, newspaper or magazines, after secondary market research entrepreneur can easily access what issues are left and how to overcome them.