The bakery is a booming industry that sells and produce flour-based foods. The advancement in the restaurant/food industry has changed the way of cooking food. The man started thinking of new food items with the same ingredients used in traditional food to alter their taste. The bakery products gain popularity day by day, mostly preferred by the young generation of the USA. Wheat is the primary ingredient of bakery product, the major cereal crop of the world primarily consumed in bakery products.
The bakery has held a prominent place in the food industry of NYC, high nutrients value and affordability have increased its consumption especially in urban areas.
From the end of the 20th century, the bakery is becoming a booming industry due to the increasing demand for ready to made food influenced by increasing population, increasing urbanization, and a stable economy, etc. The United States of America has 2800 commercial bakeries and 6,000 retail bakeries, illustrate the scope of this industry.
The ready to eat food products of the bakery are made up of various food items. The bakery products mainly include biscuits, pastries, pies, sandwiches, cakes, bread, muffins, donuts, grilled food items, and other sorts of milk and dairy products. Most people prefer bakery products due to a shortage of time. The competition of the food and bakery industry in Michigan is continually growing over the past decade, and its import is continuously increasing at an annualized rate of 7.1 %.

Trend, Size, statistics and Market Analysis of Bakery industry

The bakery industry is expected to gain substantial growth due to the rising popularity of natural, healthy, and organic baking products in the USA. The growing demand for ready to eat bakery products such as a donut, pastries, bread, and pies is expected to drive market growth.

Size of the Bakery Market & Competitive Environment

American Bakers Association reports reveal that bakeries make up 2.1% of gross domestic products in the United States. Bread is the most widely consumed bakery product in Los Angeles or Virginia, the biscuits have also gained rapid growth in the last two years.
Various bakeries in the United States cater to people weaknesses for mouth-watering food items. The commercial producers make up 91% annual revenue in the food industry. The retail bakeries generate around $3 billion revenue while commercial bakeries made $30 billion revenue in the US market. The booming bakery industry, the rising popularity of flavored bakery products and multiple market distribution channel have helped this industry to grow at a good pace. The restaurant cum cafe and bakery in South Florida is a fast-growing concept all over the United States.

Statistics of Sales of Bakery products in the United State in 2018

Restaurant industry statistics

This statistic describes the bakery/food products sells in the United States in 2018. Fresh bread and rolls were the best-selling bakery products in the U.S. in the ending of March 25, 2018, with sales amounting to approximately 13.39 billion U.S. dollars. Baking plays an imperative role in the US economy it generates $311 billion in total economic output or approximately 2.1% of GPD. The sale of the retail bakery products is expected to increase by 5.5% per year.

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