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5 Essential Steps to Start a Juice bar Business

5 Essential Steps to Start a Juice bar Business

Yep, to be healthy all year round what could be better than a glass of freshly squeezed juice? That’s where the Juice bar business comes in and continues to grow and thrive. This industry has grown to annual revenues of approx $5 billion. And, getting bigger at a steady rate of 4%-8% every year. Isn’t it just a good way to make a healthy living?

How to start a juice bar business?

Another edge in starting a juice bar business is that despite low startup investments, competition is low too. If anyone opens a bar on a prime site with heavy traffic, they’ll see strong demand. Moreover, they can gradually enter additional positions to expand the business to increase profits.

Read below to learn the five essential steps to start a juice bar.

A professional Business plan

Is it important to have a business plan for a juice bar?

A business plan is a tool that helps a business owner to build a better business. Every foodservice location needs a good strategy and detailed business plan, especially if a person is going to open a bar using investor funds or a loan. The next question that comes in mind––can a person create a plan without taking professional help? In addition to a financial forecast, a working business plan also includes:

  • Competition research;
  • Investment and monthly expenses forecast
  • Prospects for development
  • Ratio analysis
  • Profitability and payback calculation

Generally, business owners don’t have enough knowledge of the above things, and to avoid hassle they prefer seeking legal advice. A business consultant thinks about the key elements while creating a good business plan. And come up with a short yet professional report.

The right location for a juice bar

Location means everything! A juice bar cart sales fit two location types: mobile and permanent. In the first case, a person needs to purchase a cart. But in the second case, a permanent location is required–––build development strategies; consider rent of the place, demand in that area, and predict how many ingredients required, meeting that demand on a day-to-day basis.

Do research to figure out are there any direct competitors in the area or nearby. If yes, move on to the next site.

When choosing a location, do consider the following elements:

  • Health-conscious consumers: Generally, juice bar customers are health-conscious, so a business owner must look for areas with successful gyms, spas, and yoga studios.
  • High-traffic areas: A person wants to put bar business in front of the majority of the people. So look for downtown strips, shopping malls, and main streets that have lots of patrons.
  • Parking availability: Consider choosing a location where there is plenty of parking available.
  • Sidewalks and foot traffic: Try to place a store in a pedestrian-friendly area. Juice bars attract walk-in customers, especially during the summer season.
  • Other juice bars: Never open a juice bar too close to a competitor— that will impact the brand image right from the beginning.
  • Equipment needed for a business

Let’s see just exactly what a juice bar business need:                             

  • Multifunctional juicer
  • Automatic fruit and vegetable peeler
  • Showcase
  • Blender
  • Citrus juicer
  • Refrigerators
  • Ice machine
  • Bar counter
  • Shaker
  • Closet to store inventory
  • Cash register/point of sale

As for the POS solution, a person might prefer to have something compact from the start. Likewise, for the operations, juice bars have a lot in common with tea or coffee shops. Pick a point of sale for tea shops. Such solutions most probably will provide all the necessary features at a low price.

Juice bar staff

For small business owners, at least two people at the start would be enough. Usually, juice bar working hours coincide with shopping mall working hours (depends on the location). Nevertheless, hiring a responsible staff is as difficult as the choice of location. No matter how amazing the ambiance or bar location is, if employees are inexperienced and slow, no one will come back to the shop ever again. Hire courteous and polite people, who can establish contact with the customers. 

Furthermore, when hiring staff, a person need not look for special skills. The equipment isn’t the hardest thing to use, and a new employee can quickly learn how things work. It is important to train employees the same as motivating them to do their best. Also, apply disciplinary measures if required.

Marketing strategy

Go easy and avoid implementing a costly and complex marketing strategy. Take social media help; run Facebook ads, be active on Instagram and other social sites.

  • Come up with a catchy name.
  • Create a logo that looks cool on cups, employee uniforms, and the counter.
  • Design an attention-grabbing sign.
  • Diversify the menu.
  • Offer special deals and run campaigns in a POS system for the bar.

What Are The Pros Of Opening A Juice Bar Business?

The pros of starting a juice bar business depend on:

  • Right location;
  • Marketing idea a business owner going to employ;
  • Effective financial planning.

After selecting a location, it’s time to work on designing and building a juice bar. A well-designed store can create a positive atmosphere and help boost brand sales, while a poor and crowded layout destroys the brand image.

Consider the following elements when designing a juice bar:

  • For commercial kitchens consider health code requirements
  • Plumbing, ventilation, and electrical factors for kitchen and juicing areas
  • Sanitation strategy
  • Proper food storage space
  • A waste disposal system

Juice bar pros:

High profitability. With a relatively low investment (equipment and rent expenses), profitability is pretty high.

Fast payback. Experience has shown that a person within a year can recover full payback on the initial investments.

Constant demand. We love fresh juices and smoothies in the summer season, so the demand is most at that time and for vitamins in winter.

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