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10 Best Businesses to Start with Little Money in 2020

The best business ideas are often the simplest!

With all the ideas for starting a business in 2020, it’s hard to decide which ones are worth trying.

Are you a student and an employee and want to launch your business project? You are right to choose entrepreneurship. But you still have to have a self-employed or corporate idea to start and then build your business plan.

Your business ideas and ambition will get you far in business. But it can be more difficult when you have little or no capital. Even if you only have $ 100, you can start a small home business that you will grow over time. Here are 10 business ideas you can start with little money.

1- Reseller

A reseller buys old used items and resells them online for a profit. If you like to hunt in second-hand shops, you could set up a business in an afternoon. However, don’t mind doing a little cleaning and taking pictures. Your first purchase would cost you well under $100, and you could double your money on the resale. You can also sell china products on this page. Creating a sales page for your products on social networks or your website will allow you to reach your customers.

2-Private Cook

Do you have a knack for cooking? Thousands of people around you would pay generously for you to come and cook in their homes on an exceptional or regular basis. Just create a website and showcase your experiences and the services you offer. Most of the time, your only purchases will be an apron and a good set of knives!

You can also sell home-made frosted food products.

3- Sewing

Do you know how to sew? Whether for designs or alterations, sewing is one of the most lucrative business ideas. Create your website, add some photos of your previous work, and set your rates for the most common sewing requests

4-Become a writer or translator

Still, in freelancing, you can very well offer your web writing or translation services. This is one of the best ideas for starting a business if you love to write or a business idea that you can do alongside another.

For example, many international companies are looking for Spanish or French site translations or article localization on Fiverr. On condition, of course, you have a good command of English to ensure translation quality. Besides, it also essential to receive the right reviews!

5- Writing

The sinews of war for web businesses is the production of quality content. An easy business idea is to put your knowledge to work for businesses. That needs to produce blog posts, interviews, comments on a topic you are familiar with. You can work remotely very well and collect payments from all over the world.

6- e-books

You can also write e-books or white papers in the same vein and offer them for sale if they have real added value. It could be a list of influencers, an e-book on internet sales strategies, sheet music, English lessons…! As long as the quality and the entry price are not very high, the files can sell without a problem. You can also offer eBook writing to businesses, which will pay more for this in-depth work than just writing an article.

7-Tutor/coach at home or online

More personal than online training, you could teach classes to exam review students. Even you can also help music lovers learn and play an instrument, or managers looking to improve their skills. Your only investment is your knowledge! Thanks to Skype or Google Hangout, you can even do it from your couch; distance lessons are an increasingly common practice.

8- Website Designer

Among our business ideas, this one is not at all fad. If you’re an expert in web design and programming, you could easily go freelance as a web designer with little money. Put online a website presenting your skills, some examples, your prices, all well licked and nicely presented, a contact form, and voila!

9- Affiliate online

If you’re a YouTube influencer or blogger, then you can form affiliate partnerships with brands. With these links that you share with your community, you earn a percentage of sales or company service subscriptions. Thus you can receive good passive income each month if you negotiate multiple membership types.

10- Cleaning services

If you’re still seeking to start a business with little money, offer cleaning services.

By utilizing all the supplies and equipment that you use to clean your own home, you can start this business. After collecting the funds, you can invest profit into modern and specialized equipment. You can offer your online services through your web page or social media account. It’s an ace way to reach your target audience.

Don’t let money stop your dreams of starting your own online business. Any of these ideas will get you started with an investment of less than $ 100. Don’t hesitate, get started!

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