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5 effective tips to boost the turnover of your beauty salon

5 Effective Tips to boost the turnover of your Beauty Salon

Sustaining salon business is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of effort, especially in a competitive environment of a metropolitan city. In urban cities, the beauty salon is present in every other street. However, there’re some rules and tactics to set up a successful beauty salon business in such areas. Here, we’ll tell you the ways that can make you an ace auspicious beautician. Moreover, these tips also help to increase the revenue of your business.

The beauty industry is vast and massive. It is cumbersome to navigate it. With trendy hairstyles, effective manicure, and pedicure, and sell organic skincare can run your business. But what can make your company attractive to your target audience? How can you get a high profit from your beauty salon? Read the article thoroughly to get the answer to these questions.

1.  Referrals Program

A superb and well-executed referral program can make your business successful. Give special discount offers, free consultation, and other kinds of deals to attract your customers. These programs can bring not only new patrons but also thrive loyal and regular customers.

Referrals program is a great way that can get you from struggling to successful swiftly. According to research, 18% of clients come to your salon through the reference of their friends to stay loyal. Rather than those who come to you accidentally.

Setting up of a referrals program without any negative influence is also an intimidating task. That’s why it’s imperative to ponder over the price of the procedure you are offering. And how much time you need to perform it. Furthermore, also consider the cost of products that you’re going to use.

Choosing something time-consuming or pricy means you’re offering a limited amount of offer. As a result, you’ll get limited client prospects. Don’t choose something too simple as it may not attract customers. Keep in mind your clients will not bother if they’ve to bring five to ten friends to get a reward. However, offering a stylish blowout or a manicure in exchange for two or three friends is an ace proposal.

2.  Sell Gift Cards and Vouchers

In 2018, the world market gained 337600 US$ just from selling cards and certificates. If you want to boost the profit margin of your salon, then start offering to buy the gift cards or vouchers. It is the best opportunity for your customers as they can use these cards or certificates to avail of your services.

The best-selling point is that people like to give their friends or loved one’s certificates or vouchers. Because it shows how much they care about their well-being. These cards are an awesome gift, especially if you don’t know what to buy. For a beauty salon business, it’s an outstanding opportunity to gain new patrons. With just the expense of making a gift card, you can enhance the profit of your salon.

Advertise gift cards or vouchers through every possible channel is an ace way. Because it will help to motivate your clientele to buy them.  You can also add a poster behind the administrator’s desk or a reminder in text messages and email campaigns. Your staffs are a worthy channel for advertising your deal as well.

In this modern era, e-certificates gaining popularity over time. Now, most of the folk find it convenient to shop online. You can sell gift cards, and discount offers directly from your salon website.

Give special offers to gift certificates around the holidays. For instance, Christmas, Independence Day, the national day of the city you are located in, and others.

3.  Loyalty Programs for Regular Customers

Loyalty programs motivate your clients to take care of your body on a regular basis. For example, they can get one procedure free if they have paid for several services in advance.

It is the best marketing strategy that can increase the number of visits to one customer. Moreover, it can increase the average 5% revenue of your salon. You can also offer several deals to your customers if they keep coming back to you.

4.  Choose the niche and make the best of it

No one can become an expert in everything, even the entrepreneurs of a big company. Customers trust more to those companies, specialized in one specific area rather than in a bit in everything. Choose the niche you like most and fascinate about it. Then focus only on it, as it helps you to improve your salon profitability. It will distinguish you from your competitors.

Choose your target audience and do market research to identify your clients’ desires. Ask them what kind of service they want and what product they prefer and focus on them. Find out what would be useful to portray in ads and what type of training program your employees need. This will make you the best in the beauty industry.

Here are some examples of popular niche services:

  • Men’s skincare products,
  • Great grooming
  • Hair color
  • Celebrity hair styling
  • Bridal hairstyle and makeup
  • Curly hair care,
  • And rapid services for extra busy people.

If you get a less occupied niche in the market, feel passionate about exploring it. Don’t hesitate to do that. A truly successful and fruitful business is one you are most attentive in.

5.  Online Booking App

Making a call and book an appointment is a daunting task for a few people. Maybe they’re feeling anxious or can’t make a call during working hours. According to the latest statistics, 67% of adults like to shop online rather than to go in-store for shopping. They like to schedule an appointment online.

So, if you’re losing the feature of an online appointment, then you’re losing a part of your audience. Most of the clients like this option. Because it allows them to book an appointment anytime they want.

A survey of 20,000 beauty salons shows that over 50% of enterprises have boosted their revenue by implementing the online booking feature.

How to upsurge the average revenue of your business?

May be your salon making good money without any effective strategy. But if you want to boost the turnover of your company, then the above strategy will help you a lot. You can also take help from the professional business plan consultant to gain more advantages. There’re so many more strategies—opportunities are endless. Share your tactics in comment, which have made you a successful entrepreneur.

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