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Important steps to start a nail salon

Important Steps to Start a Nail Salon

Do you never go out without varnish? Do you love manicure evenings with your friends? Have you decided to bring your passion to life through your job? Is opening a salon is your dream? Well! It’s a good idea.

Opening a nail bar cannot be improvised. But it needs excellent planning to fulfill the dream of opening a nail salon. In this article, you will find all our advice to launch this professional activity: from market research to business plan through the marketing plan. We haul out for you all the steps to follow before you start. Follow the guide!

Nail salons market: Trends and Statistics

In this halftone context, beauty professionals tend to group themselves by sector: tanning, thinning, manicure, etc. There’re 54,386 nails shop in the USA. The market share of the nail industry is 15.9 % in the US. The average annual income of manicurists and pedicurists is 25,860 USD. (Statista)

Nail salon allows you to exhibit perfect hands with more or less sophisticated nails in just a few minutes. There’re numerous salons which never cost you a lot. Most often, without an appointment, you can get classic manicures to real one’s works of art known as “nail art”.

Perform market research on a nail bar

The first step to opening a nail bar is to carry out a market study to validate the existence of a commercial opportunity in the planned location area.

For this you will need to study in detail:

Trends in the sector: what products and services are in trend or fashion?

The profile, expectations of consumers, and their purchasing habits. What is the profile of the typical customer, including their budget?

The offer is already existing on the market. Who’re your future competitors? What services do they offer? How much they cost to their customers?

The market trend

The well-being and beauty market is experiencing a real revival in the USA. It is beset with the enthusiasm of individuals for this sector.

Beware, though, if the market tends to rise in value, it tends to decrease in volume. The US folks rely heavily on kits offered for sale (laser hair removal, manicure kit, etc.). As it allows consumers to achieve some care at home once reserved for professionals.

Nail bars subject to changing regulations

Nail bars are subject to every legislator’s attention. It seeks to rule on the level of qualification that is essential to perform certain services.

According to UPCOM, the nail technician performs embellishment and extension of the fingernails and feet. They use up-to-date techniques of well-being and comfort without a medical purpose. The nail stylist creates an aesthetic called manicure and beauty of the feet.

Where can you open your Nail Salon?

It will depend on your budget to buy the doorstep and pay the rent. However, it is obvious that we need a temporary place where we meet a lot of women like in shopping centers. The advantage of your business is that you don’t need a lot of space, so it won’t cost you as much as a restaurant, for example.

To find an ace location, it’s a great idea to walk around the neighborhoods. Observe the places where women pass most often, such as in front of bus stops or schools. But also look at the type of women who pass by.

Your target is women who are interested in beauty and can become your customers. So you have to do a serious tracking and market study so as not to find yourself without a client. Besides, choose a room that is clearly visible to all passers-by with a gorgeous facade.

The goal is to attract future customers who like to see from the outside before daring to enter.

If your budget does not allow you to take a place that you like, why not try to negotiate a corner of an existing shop?  This will enable you to start building a customer base and testing your concept.

How much it cost to start up your own Salon?

Besides the investment to train yourself and get a certification, the biggest investment is needed to get a place. Whether you want to take a site on rent or purchase your premises, you need a lot of money. Then, it will be necessary to do work in this living room to make it welcoming and functional.

Insurance is also crucial to protect the place not only for yourself but also for your customers. If you plan to hire from the start, you will have to plan the salary and the employer charges.

Regarding the material and decoration, do not hesitate to put the package if you can afford it. You need to inspire passers-by to come into your shop. Create a cozy but eye-catching living room with vibrant colors but visible lighting.

The marketing strategy for a nail bar

The next step to create a nail bar is the marketing plan. It is a question here of reflecting on communication actions. It is essential to acquire and retain your customers.

There are many options available to you here, including:

  • Distribute brochures to let you know local residents
  • To advertise in particular via the regional press or the municipal newspaper
  • Set up a loyalty program and encourage referrals
  • Create a website that represents your services and your products. Also, communicate on social networks to keep your customers informed of your latest news. For example: (new varnish colors available, the birthday of your shop) and current promotions.

Depending on your commercial positioning, you will prefer one or the other of these examples. In all cases, it is essential to plan in advance the actions you propose. Because it helps to quantify the product or services cost in your provisional budget.

Running a business is an intimidating task. You may have to face many challenges. Consult with business plan experts for comprehensive market research, competitor analysis, and profitability margin.

Pamper your Customers

Before opening your shop, don’t forget to think about the services and prices to be charged. Your client must have a clear idea of what they will pay, or they will not dare to enter the shop. If they take the services first, they may be disappointed and not come back.

Remember to provide a loyalty program to keep your customers. Today, there is a tendency to offer vouchers: the customer pays for ten sessions and has one free session. You can also innovate as you like as long as it attracts and keeps your customers.

Our article is coming to an end. We hope that the information gathered here has allowed you to understand better how to open a nail bar. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments.

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