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Things to Sell In a Coffee Shop

7 Great Things to Sell In a Coffee Shop

Sounds cliché but these days running a business that sells a single product can be detrimental. Same is with coffee shops that are more than just coffee sellers these days. 

From putting on more expensive “beverages” to adding a variety of branded merchandise to the café menu, there are a lot of items a coffee shop owner can add to stand out. This strategy will not only attract new customers, but will also keep the old ones coming back frequently.

Moreover, people prefer to visit eateries that offers free Wi-Fi connection, charging ports available, air-conditioned place, and comfortable furniture, in addition of offering the perfect coffee. Now, what happens if customers want something extra? Serve them with the best…

Let’s see what great things to sell in a coffee shop below. Ready? Here we go.

1. Healthy Sandwiches

Having sandwiches on the menu will open new possibilities to the door. Some just want to visit to the shop to grab an espresso, but there are many people who really want to visit the place for chit chat and have something healthy to eat. For these customers, one will need to take extra care.

Sandwiches comes different shapes, sizes, and forms, and that is great. Keep as much variety as required, with the fresh ingredients off course. The tip is to have an established menu as this will ease the workload while helping one to achieve consistent results.

 2. Delicious Desserts

Everyone loves desserts. The field of desserts has a separate fan base, always interesting and new. This is because the number of creations a person can come up with is just endless.

Let’s begin with cookies, a fan favorite for starting lineup. The coffee shop owner can make butter cookies, chocolate cookies, oatmeal cookies, etc. Remember, freshness is extremely vital to serve, as it is super easy to spot an item that has been on the shelf since days or weeks. 

Another classic is Donuts. Both children and adult love these and the variety it has to offer is quite vast. Moreover, it makes a perfect match with coffee.

The idea behind to serve a variety of desserts is to provide different choices for the customers going in every day for meets and greets. It would be a great idea if one can ask them directly about their choices or by sharing little cards with them that states: What other desserts would you love to have on our menu? This can be quite interesting because the feedback will be surprising; some people like cheesecakes, while others prefer cupcakes. In short, it’s a matter of collecting information, for your advantage.

3. Tea, Hot & Cold

The demand of tea, hot, and cold is never ending. Another great option coffee shops have on their side is to serve these great beverages. Various tea infusions must be served as a cheer me up drink. Likewise, infused tea is great for relaxation of mind, thanks to its natural antioxidants; a healthy addition to the menu.

Make sure to have beverages available for both warm and cold climates, as mentioned above, customers have different taste and preferences in regards to tea and coffee. 

4. Salads

A coffee shop owner can add Salads in their menu. No doubt, it would be a healthy addition for customers, if serve fresh. Salads are usually sold in disposable containers that customers can easily carry with them to work, school or home. Pasta salads, grilled chicken caesar salad, tuna salads, salads with feta cheese, and cobb salads are the most popular salads. 

5. Croissants

Who doesn’t love fresh croissants?  Café customers, especially search for croissants with chocolate, cruissant sandwiches with filling, cheese, ham or vegetables. 

6. Oatmeals, Yoghurts, And Granolas

Oatmeals and dairy products, cereals and fruit are nutritious and healthy. In developing countries, cereal products are essential to live a healthy life. Therefore, we advise coffee shop owners to add staple foods in their menu that are rich in vitamins A, B, E, magnesium and zinc.  

7. Foods Based on Your Community

Before opening a coffee shop, the owner must research about the customer’s taste of that locality where he intends to start his business. It is his duty to stay vigilant in regards to traditional dishes and state fairs. 

Menu and food offer––Tips 

  • Apart from the above things to sell in a coffee shop, one must follow a Chipotle or Chilpotle style food menu that doesn’t need additional prep. 
  • Create unique drinks, according to season, served only for a month or two at a time. Likewise, a person can add seasonal food items on the menu. 
  • Add pre-made take away sandwich/cupcakes. Make these items affordable by all.
  • Shorten your menu — instead of selling too much, it is advisable to offer a limited range of affordable yet high quality products.
  • Don’t have daily specials — announce monthly specials.

Did you know?

82 percent of customers make merchant purchase decisions inside a café? It simply means that they are buying items they didn’t intend to buy. This is called impulsive buying. 

Last words

In a time where customers want diversity, coffee shop owners see huge benefits in offering a variety of snacks and beverages. However, the real challenge relates to your desire to keep customers happy. If you fail to understand client’s demands, or what they’d intend to buy on impulse, you’re never going to make good revenue. 

Furthermore, you can also speak to your customers directly to find out more about their needs, or what they’d buy. Face to face interaction is never a bad idea and this is what we call ‘market research’ –––a must-have. This is how the market is rising, fulfilling the needs of coffee lovers. Prepare yourself with the latest trends and demands of your customers and make the coffee shop business more competitive than ever. 

Last but not least, there are more things to consider, making your business running and growing. 

Thank you for reading!

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