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Pro Guide to Coffee Shop Checklist: 8 Things a Café Owner Need

Pro Guide to Coffee Shop Checklist: 8 Things a Café Owner Need

Starting a business is risky. There are a lot of things that requires opening a coffee shop. It’s not just about the flavor of the coffee, the customers receive, and it’s ambience that customers feel welcomed by. From purchasing the equipment such as coffee machine, grinder, etc. to the paint on the walls, café owner needs perfection in every area. In short, there’s no one secret to a successful café business.

Essential Things Required Before Opening a Coffee Shop

The most popular cafes in the world like Starbucks have those special arrangements that make this brand truly unique.

An entrepreneur who is thinking of opening a coffee shop, must realize what is required aside from the building itself – it’s a combination of factors that will bring customers coming back.

 Follow this coffee shop checklist to make the difference.

1. Espresso Machine

It’s true that majority people visit cafes for a regular black drip coffee, but lattes and cappuccinos are still the stars. A high quality espresso machine is the front line of a café that makes espresso drinks—of all kinds! Intricate latte art is youngster’s choice—especially

Depending on the shop size, a café owner can have one or two machines, as appropriate. But don’t think the machine is the only source to good espresso coffee––the quality of drink depends on the ingredients used.  

2. Espresso Grinder

A café owner can purchase coffee beans from outside. However, it would be a great idea if one decides to grind itself. Yes, espresso grinder is the most underrated equipment of every espresso drink. But according to expert coffee makers, it is equally important than an espresso machine is. 

A quality grinder grinds coffee beans to the perfect smallest size, required to brew an espresso. In short, it does half of the work that the coffee maker does.

3. Water Filter

As said above, both an espresso and grinder machines are the cornerstone of a café––a high quality water filter is the front line. To brew coffee, filter water is required. No matter how flavorful coffee beans are or how best equipment is, a café owner can never make coffee using bad water. 

Acidic or basic water can dramatically change the taste of beverages. These machines will gather all mineral residues, hence, purifies water. 

4. Bulk Coffee Grinder

A café owner can sell also coffee beans, in addition to selling perfect beverages. Make that perfect roast as a signature, and people would love to drink it at home. Moreover, they’ll want to gift it to their beloved friends for all kinds of occasions.  

5. Blender-Promote multiple sales

The frappe is the coffee drink for people suffering with a sweet tooth. Blended coffee beverages are in high demand as it comes with a variety of flavors. Therefore, having a blender is vital as it helps coffee shop owner to play with a choice of drinks from a menu.

Smoothies are both teens and adult’s favorite and so becoming a normal part of the café menu, worldwide. So why not serve customers an array of smoothies, from simple strawberry smoothies to tropical blends? A café owner must consider serving other drinks apart from tea and coffee.

6. Furniture, Mugs, and Pastry Racks 

Now those beverages are in order, it’s time to think about the ambience. Customers want to sit down for long time to enjoy the variety the café offers. They would never want to visit if the sitting arrangement, furniture, or anything else isn’t in order. 

Starbucks ambience is everyone’s favorite. And this is the reason many coffee shop owners replicate their style. For startup entrepreneurs, it might not be possible to do the same job but investing in nice coffee mugs and comfortable chairs will pay off well. Moreover, for a classy touch, one should consider investing in good quality pastry racks. 

7. Ice tea and water dispensers 

Iced tea is a classic drink for summers. Depending on the size of café, the owner must put in place ice tea and water dispensers.  Experts believe that the more you provide ease to your customers, more are the chances they will visit the brand. 

8. WiFi

Last but the least, free internet access is as important to customers as good coffee. But free isn’t enough—the wifi connection should be fast, reliable, and appropriate for the large number of people visiting to the café. 

Did you know? Bloggers and reviewers rate café’s on the speed of their wifi. They knock off issues if they face trouble doing things like browsing Facebook, or checking email.

Other things to consider:

Choose the right staff

Coffee shops are service businesses – so one should be very careful in choosing employees. The selection must be based on their ability to communicate and provide excellent customer service––bad service can destroy the brand image. Choose employees as follows:

  • They must be industry professionals, have prior experience working in coffee shops.
  • Passionate and knowledgeable 
  • Friendly and outgoing
  • Reliable and punctual

Don’t forget marketing/promotion

After completing the above-mentioned coffee shop checklist, you’re ready to welcome customers. Now it’s time to think about marketing and promoting of your brand. Think about:

  • creating loyalty program
  • providing free samples to people 
  • contacting Instagram influencers and local food bloggers
  • hosting free coffee workshop
  • reaching out local media such as newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations
  • issuing a press release announcing coffee shop opening date
  • using social media (facebook and instagram ads, etc.) to spread word about café opening

Final thought

Cafes have always been meeting place, and things doesn’t changed with the technology. From students to office staff, all visit coffee shops frequently. That means you should provide good enough space between each table so that privacy of individuals don’t get disturb. As you continue taking care of these little details, you’ll build a loyal customer base rapidly.   

Thank you for reading!

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