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How can a stellar business plan make your Juice Bar business successful?

How can a stellar business plan make your Juice Bar business successful?

Consumers wish to focus on fresh and healthy products. A concept with the wind in its sails, the fruit juice bar is riding the “healthy food” wave. Do you want to open a juice bar? Great! You will find in this article everything you need to know before getting started.

How to open a fixed or mobile fruit juice or smoothie bar? What budget and what equipment? What standards and regulations to comply with? Which legal status to choose? All these you must know before opening a Juice bar business.

Fruit juices and smoothies meet fast but healthy consumer demand. Riding on this trend, many entrepreneurs are embarking on the creation of juice and smoothie bars.

What is a juice bar?

As its name suggests, a juice bar is an establishment. Although it can offer other types of drinks, it mainly serves fruit and vegetable juices. But as it is not enough to have automatic juicers or a professional juicer to prepare juices. We have to offer more to the client.

The Juice bar Market Profitability

In the last few years, the juice bar industry is showing volatile tendencies. According to IBIS World, the annual growth of juice and bar industry is increasing from 2013-2018. The industry revenue is expected to grow from 1.4% to $ 2.5 billion.

In terms of distribution, supermarkets are clearly in the majority, since fruit juices consumed outside the home represent only 11% of total sales volume. The concept of fruit juice bars is to offer freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices to the consumer. They’re a great source of preservation of all vitamins.

Fruit juice bars are inspired by concepts originally developed in Australia and the United States. These bars help to fight junk food.  Moreover, they offer healthy and natural options that are easily accessible, without neglecting the fun. Hence, the fruit juice bar business provides pretty high profitability with little low initial investment.

Significance of Business plan for startup

A wise business plan will help you to raise funds for your bar. It also helps to remove the daunting hurdles that entrepreneurs may face. Professional writers make a business plan after careful market research, including the client base and potential sources of cash flow. It creates a successful roadmap for startup and also helps to seek funding from investors.

Perform the market study of a fruit juice bar

Before opening a juice bar, you will need to conduct a market study. Because it will assist you in verifying the commercial viability of your project. Furthermore, it also helps to define the best strategy to implement for your juice bar.

Your market study of juice bar must include:

  • In-Depth research of industry trends,
  • A detailed analysis of your competitors
  • In-depth research of your potential customers.

Here are the essential elements that you must have to open a juice bar in the best conditions:

  • An excellent relationship,
  • A compelling concept, addressing one or more well-defined targets (women, sportspeople, students, busy workers …),
  • A promising location, if possible bustling and as close as possible to your goal,
  • Suitable equipment,
  • Comfortable and cozy decor.

Open a juice bar: the market and trends.

The passion for fruit juices has grown with the search for a better nutritional balance — average consumptions of fruit juice 18.5 liters in 2019.

The main trends in the fruit juice market are:

  • The search for new tastes and new associations,
  • The craze for healthy products,
  • The strong growth in organic,
  • Ultra-fast development of vegan niche
  • The attraction for eco-friendly and fair trade products,
  • Demand for transparency on the origin of ingredients,
  • The attraction for on-site preparation,
  • The decline of plastic packaging and the introduction of alternatives to conventional straws.

Marketing strategy for a juice bar

An effective marketing plan is essential to publicize your juice bar and build customer loyalty.

Here are several options which you can use in particular:

  • Come up with an attractive and catchy name
  • Design a unique and bright logo sign
  • Opt for street marketing operations: distribution of flyers, juice tastings
  • Building on an online strategy: promote the bar of your website via advertising, SEO,
  • Create an account on social networks, and online review sites
  • Communicate in traditional media: local radios, regional newspapers, etc.
  • Set up different types of promotions to attract and retain your customers: happy hour, loyalty cards, etc.
  • There’re numerous possibilities for you. Think about ways most relevant to you know, and quantify the cost of actions to implement.

The business plan of a juice bar

Another essential step in your project: writing the business plan for your juice bar.

The business plan is a document comprising a written part. It is used to present the project and its advantages, and a quantified part highlighting its profitability potential and its need for financing.

This comprehensive document will allow you to ensure that the project is financially viable. It’s crucial when seeking funding.

Do you not know how to write a business plan? Are you not sure how to go about it? Don’t fret. Various companies make a professional business plan for small or large enterprises. Many entrepreneurs also take the benefits of online business plan software.

Why do smoothie or juice bar businesses fail or flop? Juice bar businesses are really a game of chance. You need to predict how many people will enter your store and when.

Find out what type of order they will place and how much. An ace way to do this is to build a detail business plan. It is vital for various reasons.

First, if you’re seeking any financial or investment options you may need a BP. But what is just as imperative that you are creating a real card for your business.

By thinking and making decisions now, you will speed up the whole process. Includes your expected costs and projected income in your business plan. It may need a little bit of research and time. But this time saves you a lot more time on the road. A Business Plan Advisor can help you to thrive in your business. They will plan your financial projection and also ware you from the latest market trends.

Other items to add are:

Operating costs: Are you going to buy or lease a location?

Location: Where you’re going to open your store or juice bar?

Target market: Who is your patron? Where does your target audience live?

Legal requirements: What type of licenses and permits are necessary for your business? How much it cost to open a bar?

Human resources: How many workers do you need, and what will be their salary?

Marketing plan (and budget), what’s the finest way to reach your target customers?

Discover the earning potential of opening a Juice bar

The most protruding question people ask is, do they can make a healthy profit from a juice bar?

The profit or revenue of this business varies. Because it depends on location, prices, income margins, and functioning expenses. But the average revenue of a juice bar $22,467 in 2019, according to Statista.

Keep in mind that this is the average income. If you are in a prosperous, growing, and healthy city, you can smoothly go further.

As this industry is boosting and flourishing, the country becoming more health-focused. So, it’s an impeccable time to open a successful juice bar. The earning potential is there, it’s up to you how to maximize it.

Establish a budget to start a juice bar

If you are pondering how much money you need to start up a juice bar business, the answer also fluctuates.

A juice bar can cost from $47000 to $395000. It depends on construction costs, the choice of equipment and ingredients, etc.

Purchasing a franchise has its benefits, such as marketing support and organize systems. Another advantage is development and progressions already in place, which makes it much easier to build. Further, it makes it easier for you to operate your store. In addition, instant brand recognition attracts a lot of customers and automatically gives your business credibility. However, your initial costs may be much sophisticated due to the franchise dues.

Is the extra cost of a franchise worth it? It’s a decision you have to make on your own, and a budget can help. Your budget is the most significant part of your stellar Business Plan. It helps you with your financial decision.

If you don’t know where to start, take help from the Business plan consultant Companies. They’ll not only guide you but also makes a comprehensive business plan for you. Feel free to comment below if you’ve any questions.

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