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How to start a commercial cleaning business

How to start a commercial cleaning business?

Are you pondering to start a cleaning business? Cleaning services have prodigious potential, whether you want to work in a public place or at a commercial level. Starting a cleaning business is like beginning any small business. You’ll need careful planning, writing a business plan, making key financial decisions, and completing a series of key activities to help you succeed.

Simple steps to start a Commercial Cleaning Business

1. Choose your niche.

Decide if you want to be a business-oriented or a consumer-oriented company. When you start your cleaning business, you can select to offer commercial premises or residential buildings. The customers you choose to target will determine the type of equipment you need. They also allow you to determine how much you’ve to charge for your services and the quality of your cleaning services.

Commercial premises, such as office buildings, bank, generally require cleaning at night or on weekends. Cleaning floors, powder rooms, emptying garbage cans, cleaning kitchen areas as well as doors and windows are often things involved in this type of service. This type of work is stable and wages well.

Homeowners hire a cleaning agent for general maintenance and specific tasks related to the customer’s needs. Cleaning agents usually provide the cleaning services when the client is at home. Turning your business to home cleaning will mean a diverse customer base as most homes do not need to be cleaned once a week.

2. Understand what services you want to offer.

Not all cleaning services are versatile. Some companies concentrate on just one type of cleaning. When deciding what services to offer, think about your skills and what niche you can fit into your community. Here are some types of services you might consider offering.

  • Carpet cleaning or floor waxing services.
  • Window cleaning services.
  • Cleaning and maintenance services.
  • Cleaning services for private residences.
  • Organic cleaning services.

3. Ponder on opening a franchise or running your own business.

You can start your own commercial cleaning business. If you want stability, being part of a franchise can also be a good catch. It gives you the security of working under a well-known brand name that has already been thriving. If you are starting your own business, it is up to you to gain your consumers’ trust.

4. Choose a location.

Your business needs space, whether it’s your room or commercial space where you decide to rent. There are positive and negative aspects every type of space, so think prudently about your requirements before making a decision.

  • If you work from home, you will not pay for the business premises. You will save money, but you will also need to store household cleaning equipment.
  • Having a business space will enable you to meet clienteles in a professional environment. When you provide your services, you can set up a table with comfortable chairs for your customers to sit on.
  • Having a storefront of your business will help you promote and build your brand. You will be able to display your name and logo for all passersby to see.

5. Pick a name.

You will need something that looks proficient and eye-catching. Make this name unique and easy to find so that your business pops up as soon as people explore the services you provide.

Check that the name you choose will make the right domain name on the Internet. Make sure it is available.

  • Check that the name or title you selected has not previously been registered as a company.
  • Draw a logo that will go with your business name. Make it modern and stylish as you’ll print it on your business cards. Use it on your professional website and other promotional materials.

6. Build your business.

You must register your cleaning business by filling out the form. If you are appointing the staff, get an EIN (Employer Identification Number) and fill out the correct form.

Business license or permit is also vital to provide services in your city. Contact the Business Startup Support Office for more information.

7. Take out liability insurance.

It is compulsory to ensure your business in the event that you accidentally damage a customer’s abode. This type of circumstances can go down the drain your cleaning company, if you don’t have liability insurance. The policy you select doesn’t have to be unaffordable. Talk to a legitimate and reputable insurance company to cover your business operations for a rate that suits your initial budget. Besides, you will also have to take care of your employees’ complementary health insurance. (You will surely need it when your activity grows).

8. Find starting capital.

A cleaning business is a physical services business on customer property. There are some basic things that you may need to start this sort of business. Either save some funds to keep these things safe or arrange a loan to help you create your cleaning service.

Getting into business with a partner and pooling resources is one way to raise funds. If you don’t want to take out a big loan, you can also look for grants.

9. Go to setup

Get your things ready! To run your business, buy equipment according to your service, such as floor cleaning equipment, dustbin bags, industrial vacuum cleaners, etc. Get heavy-duty materials that will withstand a lot of wear and tear and will last for many years.

Make sure you have the right safety equipment to keep you and your employee’s safe while you work. Gloves and masks are essential if you are handling chemical and toxic cleaning products.

Try to rent your goods for the first few weeks to make sure everyone meets your standards before making a purchase.

10. Buy a company vehicle.

You’ll need a car, truck, or van for conveyance to and from your cleaning jobs. You may have access to your employer’s or someone else’s vehicles. However, if you don’t, you will need to rent or purchase your own company vehicle. Secure and worthy transportation is crucial for providing cleaning services to clients.

  • The image of your business is essential. Getting around in a minivan riddled with scratches and dents is not good publicity for your business. 
  • Consider printing your logo on your vehicle to advertise.

11. Hire staff based on your needs.

A cleaning business can start with a single property where the boss does all the work as cleaning is not labor-intensive. However, as your business grows, you may need to recruit more people. Make sure you know all the legal conditions related to this process.

12. Make a price list.

Take into account labor, material, and head-to-head costs. Moreover, figure out what to charge for your services to make a profit. Research to determine industry standards for services such as floor cleaning or home care and maintenance services. You’re free to negotiate prices with each new customer, but it’s best to keep that in mind so you can relax.

13. Set up accounting.

You’ll need to keep track of what your clients owe you by sending them an invoice for them to pay. Let them know that you want to get paid quickly and keep track of who paid and who still owes you money. Also, be sure to include business expenses, taxes, and all other expenses.

  • You can use accounting software to edit and send invoices.
  • As your business flourish, consider hiring a competent accountant to keep track of your accounts.

14. Build a brand

Grow your business. To build a core customer base for your cleaning business, you will need to find customers in every way. Even just a few clients waiting to sell you to a large audience can help you.

  • Advertise in local newspapers and magazines. Present offers to new customers.
  • Create a Facebook account, Instagram account, and Twitter account to promote your business.
  • Make sure you have a professional-looking website that lists your services along with your contact details.

Be reliable! 

When you start working for clients, you must do your job well and respect your client’s space. Any sign that a personal item has been touched or something has been stolen can harm your notoriety as a cleaning company.

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