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How to start a hair salon business

How to start a hair salon business?

Starting your own business is an ace decision. However, if you are good at your job but are confused about starting your own hairdressing salon, tell yourself this: everyone needs a haircut. A good hair salon can do a great job, even during a recession, because the hair will not stop growing no matter how the economy goes. Once you have your hair salon ready and running, it will be easy to keep afloat.

According to Zion Market Research, the hairdressing industry is gradually developing. And hopefully, it will continue to grow. The global spa and salon market is estimated to reach approximately $190.81 billion by 2024. In the United States alone, the salon industry is estimated at $47.1 billion and is projected to grow market volume by 1.5%.

Here are some steps you can take to launch your hair salon business successfully.

Get a hairdresser certificate.

Before you open your salon, do some research to find a hairdressing school if you don’t have one. And join in a program that caters to your country’s certification criteria or region. They will guide you through the use of scissors, combs, clippers, and other hair styling tools.

Gain industry experience

Before entering the business world, it is vital to have some level of experience in the industry. You can probably start at a well-known cosmetology school. But it may be beneficial to get your feet wet by working in another salon first.

It can assist you to see how the business side works on a daily basis. It can also provide you with valuable industry connections or business mentors. Suppose you do not have a business mentor before entering the business world. In that case, you may want to get in touch with a consultant or contact an industry group to provide some helpful information and resources.

Create a business plan

Before you start any kind of business, you need to plan how you make money. In addition to the type of customers you are trying to attract, how will you manage your finances and day-to-day operations? There are numerous sources available to assist you in making vital decisions. That will help you to set up the metrics for the success of your business. For example, the Professional Beauty Association gives its members access to a barber shop business plan to personalize.

  Choosing the right plans for your business needs is imperative.

Set your budget

Do you’ve an idea about which type of salon you want to open? If yes, it is time to familiarize yourself with your finances. The charges of hair salon business may vary depending on your size and location. For example, a home-based hair salon can cost a few thousand bucks, but a large salon in a commercial location can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you want to open a salon without any cash, you will need to raise a minimum of funds to fulfill your offer.

The financial forecast for the opening of a hairdressing salon

It is essential to make a forecast to financially study your plan to open a hairdressing salon, especially to ensure its profitability and loyalty. It will also allow you to measure your financing needs.

To carry out your forecast accounts, you will have to estimate and budget the turnover you plan to achieve, the investments required to open your hairdressing salon, and the expenses to be expected to carry out the activity.

Determine your target customers

Many of your business decisions depend on the type of customer service you want to provide. It does not suffice it to say you want a hair salon. Research the market in your area and consider serving an undivided group. For example, there may be many options for modern or advanced consumers in your area, but not so many affordable options for those who want basic hair services in one place. So you can potentially thrive with the help of a busy salon for busy moms or working professionals.

Find a Location

If you want to start a small hair salon, you can start providing hair salon services at home. However, this type of business is not widely viable and involves certain risks. Those who are opening an official salon with a dedicated location, find the storefront in the city’s center. And find a facility for your target customers. If you’re looking for opportunities, your location should be in the city center or the upscale shopping district. If you plan to work with young customers, find a new, modern or innovative neighborhood.

Your salon must be ideally placed in a busy street and be welcoming to your customers. To find the ideal property, you can go through ads on the internet or through a real estate professional.

Get local licenses

Depending on where you want to settle your salon, you will need to obtain a business permit, a building permit, and many other legal documents. Check with your local government or a business attorney in your area if you are unsure of the exact requirements.

Stock all Inventory

Buy all the equipment and supplies needed for your salon and hire employees as needed. The equipment must include a workstation for each hairdresser, hairdressing chairs and booster seats for children, containers for disinfectants, hairdryers and hairdressing helmets, chairs for the room waiting area, furniture to store supplies, towel racks, a reception desk, groundsheets, etc. Install your telephone system as well as your point of sale (POS) terminal.

Develop your marketing plan

You should begin marketing your new salon before it opens, so make an effort to get started. Start making appointments on your website a little earlier, unless you basically intend to work with walk-ins. You can then invest in local advertising online or inform the local media about your local business. A launch event or some kind of special promotion can help make the opening more appealing. However, upon completion of the program, you also need to develop a marketing strategy.


There are many different legal statuses suitable for hair salons. To make your choice, you must ask yourself two questions:

Would you like to create your business with one or more partners or alone? Your legal status will be oriented towards companies (SARL, SAS, etc.) in the first case. In the second case, you can opt for a EURL or a sole proprietorship.

Are you willing to risk it all for your hair salon? The protection of your personal assets is decisive in the choice of legal status. Indeed, some laws propose to limit your liability to the amount of your contribution. While others involve all of your property, such as your house.

Get what you deserve.

It can be cumbersome to decide how much to charge for your services, especially when you are new to your business. After researching and estimating what an individual of your education level can afford, you should carefully consider your skills and training. After that, determine the value based on it, not what other charges in your local area.

Do effective marketing to get the name of your salon known. Launch a website, register with Google Maps, and make flyers and business cards. Make sure you put up a sign in front of your store that is beautiful, easy to read, and visible from the street.

Get started with your development plan and open the doors to your living room.

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